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I'd go back. Oman is a beautiful country and you don't need to worry about having snow tires in the winter. After we landed in Muscat, we took a bus to the harbour where there were lots of sea urchins and fish. The water was pristine. Then we took a cruise on a dhow and saw some old Portuguese fortifications along the coast. We stayed at the grandiose Al Bustan Palace and while the lobby was impressive, they required lengthy coaching to get our Wi-Fi working and our wing smelled like a hot outhouse. Fortunately, we had the air conditioning on and it kept the odours at bay. 

The next day I went on a bus trip from Muscat to Nizwa and got to see a few forts and palaces. The roadside geology was stunning. I saw a few marble quarries in the distance as we flew down the highway at the mandated 120km/h.

Photos to come. I'm having technical issues.