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Big Picture Speculator Email - Hello From Elounda Bay

My latest Big Picture Speculator free email was sent out yesterday. After traveling through Iceland, Hungary, India, China, Vietnam, Oman and Greece, I finally got a bit of free time AND Wi-Fi access. I always learn something when I travel but this trip is going to take a bit of time to process.


I have been travelling since mid-September. Just this morning I flew from Muscat, Oman to the Greek island of Crete. I've revamped my blog at www.jimletourneau.com but you won't find much in the way of investment commentary at the moment. Since I've been travelling, the last few weeks consist of travel related posts.

It is pretty amazing when you think about it, a technology based on previously theoretical physics at the University of Waterloo is now deployed half-way around the world in Oman. I'm not talking about the Blackberry. Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) has deployed Wavefront Technology Solutions (WEE.V) Powerwave systems. 

PDO is not the only international gig for Wavefront. They recently announced a deal with Petrobras in Brazil. They are also working with  Pluspetrol and Pan American Energy in Argentina, Equion Energy in Colombia, and Weatherford de Mexico (for Pemex) in Mexico. The North American oil patch has been sluggish (to put it mildly) in adopting Powerwave - that is why this blackboard video is in English instead of Spanish. 

Wavefront: Leader In Enhanced Oil Recovery

Many of you know that I have been following and consulting for Wavefront Technology Solutions for what seems like a very long time... especially stock market time. In the vernacular of the pros, "the stock got ahead of itself". Now the share price is low. When should we buy? I get numerous emails from frustrated investors and I have lately taken been telling them that "I hope to live long enough to say I told you so". I'm pretty sure I will based on Wavefront's progress. 

When I started following Wavefront they didn't have very many clients, let alone international ones. The technology performs amazingly well as advertised as evidenced by a recent third-party engineering report (Click Here).

I'm an optimist, I like owning a portfolio of potential moonshots. Wavefront still fits my criteria.