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White Hot Startups - Part 2

The right app can change your life. If you find yourself "not getting" an app, there's a good chance that someone is working on a similar one that you will get. 

TechCrunch has unveiled a list of "private Internet companies" that Goldman Sachs thinks may IPO in the next year. I thought it would be useful to check out what these companies actually do so I've added links and a brief description of each one (click here for Part 1 of the list).

  • Peixe Urbano - Exploring the city (Brazil - site is Portugese)
  • Polyvore - The best place to discover or start fashion trends
  • Quantcast - It's your audience, we just find it.
  • Quora - A continually improving collection of questions and answers created, edited, and organized by everyone who uses it.
  • Rue la la - Coveted designer offerings. Private sale prices. Members only.
  • Shopkick  - Gives you awesome deals and rewards simply for walking into your favorite stores.
  • Square -  Start accepting credit cards today.
  • TrialPay - The Leader in Transactional Advertising
  • Trunk Club - Personalized clothing service for men.
  • Tumblr - Feature rich and free blog hosting platform.
  • Uber - Everyone's private driver
  • WePay - The easiest way to accept payments online.
  • Xoom - Send money online to friends and family.
  • ZocDoc - Find a doctore and make your appointments online.
  • Zoosk - World's largest social dating community.