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Oilpatch Trivia

The PTTC outdid themselves on this one. The question is a bit complex but it draws out some pretty interesting background on John Wilkes Booth.

Trivia Question: Can completion problems in an exploratory well change a nation's future? Living in the "what if" realm serves no useful purpose, but it is interesting to imagine how stimulation success rather than failure would have changed John Wilkes Booth's direction and the subsequent impact on our nation's history. What happened when the Dramatic Oil Company "shot" it's Wilhelmina well in Pennsylvania's early oil fields?

Trivia Answer: According to an article in the Petroleum Age (March 2005), "shooting" the well utterly ruined the hole. The well, which had produced some 25 bopd, never yielded another drop of oil after stimulation. Just a few months later Booth started his journey leading to Lincoln's assassination. (Courtesy of the American Oil & Gas Historical Society (www.aoghs.org)