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The Inventors Hall of Fame

Ten names were added to the National Inventors Hall of Fame on May 2, 2012. Each one of them deserves to have a book written about them. Only one could be considered a household name. 


  1. Akira Endo - first statin drug, 
  2. Barbara Liskov - software design
  3. Kumar Patel - carbon dioxide laser
  4. Lubomyr Romankiw and David Thompson - magnetic thin-film storage heads
  5. Gary Starkweather - laser printer
  6. Alejandro Zaffaroni - controlled drug delivery systems (transdermal patches) 
  7. Mária Telkes - pioneer in solar energy; 
  8. Dennis Gabor - conceptualized holography
  9. Steve Jobs - technology

These kinds of people change the world. The reality TV people keep us numb to possibilities.