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Fractivists Beware

Fracking has become almost the catch-all for any problem with gas production. Charles “Chip” Groat

Nothing takes the fun out of being an activist like having all of your beliefs refuted. Enter "The Frac Tank", a blog that shines some light on the critics of hydraulic fracturing. The latest post puts the usage of water into perspective. 

The movie Gasland used fear and misinformation to garner the support of people like Yoko Ono. Fortunately most (but not all) policy makers are willing to study the facts before making their decisions. They won't be using Gasland for their research. The video below takes on the innacuracies of Gasland and while I know it won't change the minds of the activist crowd, it does expose some of their questionable tactics.

The battle for "hearts and minds" is not pretty.