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Potash and the Blairmore Ring

I was twittering up a storm yesterday. After an analyst tour with Hathor Exploration (HAT.V), I had some quiet time at the Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport. This gave me a chance to check out the Potash Corp. (POT.TO) sponsored Blairmore Ring. In Saskatchewan, sinking large potash shafts requires sealing off a major aquifer at a depth of 400-600m, the Blairmore Formation. This was done by first freezing the formation and then installing large steel ring to seal off the water.

The Blairmore Ring - the key to unlocking the potential of Sa... on Twitpic

The Blairmore Ring on Twitpic

There is no shortage of potash but many companies are trying to capture the opportunity presented by higher prices.
As you can see from this graphic, we are not running out of p... on Twitpic

The people of Saskatoon know who "butters their bread" as there is also a mural at the airport sponsored by Cameco.