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Vancouver Update

Last night was great fun. I hung out with my buddy Howard and did some pre-show carousing. If you hang out in the right places you get to meet guys like Joe Martin of Cambridge House, Bill Murphy of GATA and Thom Calandra in a convivial setting. If you hang out in the wrong places you wake up with a pounding headache.

This morning I emceed the Eye Opener expert panel and got answers to many of your questions. I intended to record the discussion but was one click short of capturing their insightful answers (I don't feel too bad, after all it was an eye opener panel not  a Jim's peak productivity time panel which would be later in the day). I got my copy of The Goldwatcher autographed by Frank Holmes just before he gave his keynote presentation.

I've ran across lots of interesting stories related to things like bauxite, tantalum , niobium (a rare, soft, grey, ductile transition metal).

The photo below shows what $75 worth of aluminum looks like. I used my business card for scale. I've opted for the less is more business card, the only contact information on it is www.jimletourneau.com. It must be working! How else would you be reading this?

I'd best get back to the booth area. More soon!