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An Aloha Email

My post about community radio got a thoughtful commment from CKUA and a nice email from Auntie Maria at KKCR (see below). Here's hoping that the specter of the evil CBC helps CKUA raise more $$$. We love listening to community radio because they also listen to us!

With one of my google "alerts" set to notify me of any
online chatter about KKCR, it was delightful to log on
this morning and see that waaaaaaaaaaay up in Canada,
someone was cheering for us!    :-D

I'm on-air Wednesday and Friday mornings with a Hawaiian
music show (Aloha Kaua`i) -- one of the 70+ volunteers
blessed to be a part of this little radio station on this
little island in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean.

Mahalo nui loa for your support -- our internet listeners
are the best!

auntie maria