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Enough on Ethanol

The last word on ethanol goes to David Ingram who interviews for www.howestreet.com. The following is an excerpt from a thoughtful email he sent me.

David Ingram replies:

I looked up a couple of sites as well because of your comment and found a dozen references with different quotes, most of which seemed to think that a 25 gallon fill up would feed a person for a year.

Try http://www.enviroblog.org/2007/04/feed_the_hummer_forget_the_hun.htm

and http://www.treehugger.com/files/2006/07/lester_brown_ethanol.php

and http://www.benking.co.uk/blog/?p=53

and this letter re the Brazil story. The writer suggests that 10% of brazil's actual energy comes from ethanol while CNN's report suggested that 50% came from ethanol and some reports were suggesting 100%.


I have been running all our cars on MOHAWK 10% ethanol for four years now and wonder if that is really the way to go now.

It takes 1.56 litres of ethanol for the power of 1 litre of gas and i notice that my old caddys get 5 km a liitre with the ethanol blend and 6 with straight shell gas. HMMMM?!

It is all something to think about.