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Making money in the markets requires some flexibility. A dogmatic approach might be logically robust and may even make money over the longer term but I'm willing to admit to being wrong in the interest of profits.

At the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference I pointed out that natural gas and oilfield service companies were getting cheap. I also said that many uranium stocks had doubled and tripled and that they might be due for a correction at some point. Upon reflection and some market feedback it became clear that while some uranium stocks might be extended, I was able to find many were not.

My latest Big Picture Speculator Newsletter listed 4 interesting uranium companies. I later discovered one of the most undervalued uranium companies I have seen in ages and I quickly wrote it up as a "Snapshot". The following day it gapped up from $1.35 to as high as $1.78 (I was personally buying at prices as high as $1.75). The share price has pulled back a bit on low volume and which makes for a very nice entry point. You can take a look at it by taking out a free "no-hassle" 30 Day Trial.