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Day 1 - Vancouver Resource Investment Conference (Part 2)

After my workshop I stopped to chat with Louis Paquette who puts out Emerging Growth Stocks. He has been a repeat guest on the Financial Reckoning show where we talk about the messy income trust issue.

Tom Allen of HoweStreet.com called me over to their booth to record a video segment with David Ingram that should be up in a few days.

Dudley Baker of Precious Metals Warrants introduced himself as he worked the floor. His website has the best source of resource stock warrant information out there.

I visited some companies at their booths and then headed to my room for a very brief nap. then it was back downstairs to MC a corporate presentation session at 3:30. There were 4 companies given 7 minutes each to tell their story. High bandwidth stuff. The companies were:

  • Copper Fox Metals (CUU.V)

  • Indicator Minerals (IME.V)

  • Staccato Gold (CAT.V)

  • Terrane Metals Corp. (TRX.V)

Afterward, I had a quick chat with Kyle Stevenson of investor relations firm Scott F. Gibson & Company Inc. He was able to give me the names of 9 out of their 10 clients (which I thought was impressive given the conventional hall atmosphere that makes ordered thoughts difficult). They currently work with Staccato Gold (CAT.V). I've noticed that Gibson and Co. have an enviable track record - they don't work for just anybody so I'm going to be looking at that list again.

I met briefly with Baja Mining (BAJ.TO) to get updated on their El Boleo project. Bob (Baja Bob?) Douglas has been keeping me up to speed on their developments. I also stopped by the Goldbelt Resources (GLD.TO) booth to chat with Laura Sandilands. Dundee Precious Metals (DPM.TO) owns 47% of Goldbelt so they're certainly have smart money behind them.

There was continued networking until I later in the afternoon when I headed back to my room to blog. This evening I'm being taken out for dinner by an IR firm to learn about a... wait for it...uranium company. The uraniumblog.com posts have been few and far between and there are some great stories that need to be told.

Tomorrow I'm on a uranium panel at 2:00pm with:

  • M/C Lawrence Roulston, Resource Opportunities

  • Paul van Eeden, van Eeden Letter

  • David Coffin, Hard Rock Analyst

  • Jim Letourneau, Big Picture Speculator

I suspect this session will be well attended. Uranium stocks are fun to own right now but some short term risk is developing. Bull markets have corrections and all commodities get a turn at some point in they cycle. That's not a today problem but a March-May sell-off wouldn't shock me.

I'm also doing another "charts of death" workshop, this one on unconventional natural gas stocks. The best cure for low natural gas prices is...

low natural gas prices. I think we can safely revisit this group now that its been crushed but once again... it could be even lower by summer.

Full disclosure: long BAJ.TO.WT at time of writing