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New Canadian Investment Website Focuses on Blogs and Podcasts

Blogging is becoming mainstream and numerous sites are looking to aggregate content. The beta version of invesLogic has done a fantastic job of organizing content of interest to resource stock investors. You can find more about them in the press release below. I'd encourage you to check them out.


InvesLogic Inc. today announced the beta launch of its investment website, www.InvesLogic.com. InvesLogic.com is the first investment website to source, aggregate, filter and organize the most relevant and useful stock market, commodity, business, and economic opinion and commentary available through blogs, podcasts and RSS feeds.


News is just News. Blogs are Now


Through aggregating over 120 carefully chosen blogs, podcasts, and RSS feeds InvesLogic is able to provide Canadian, US and European investors with a wide range of information about specific Canadian companies as well as commentary and opinion on the sectors, industries and commodities these companies are involved in. InvesLogic is initially filtering and categorizing Blog and RSS feeds based on nine distinct sectors: Gold, Silver, Oil, Gas, Biotechnology, Alternative Energy, Uranium, Technology, and Markets.


“Blogging has quickly become a valuable source of stock market information, commentary and opinion” said George Fleming, President and founder of InvesLogic. “What most people haven’t realized yet is that many bloggers are experts in their field. They are typically individuals with significant knowledge and interest in a specific sector who spend a lot of their time sorting through the massive amount of media and industry content generated every day. They report and comment on what they’ve read and heard through their blogs giving the rest of us an expert’s viewpoint. Where else can you get that kind of information for free?”


Bloggers as Experts


When blogging began back in the mid 90’s it was little more than the sometimes nutty, sometimes inspired writing of online diaries. Ten years later, and growing at a rate which sees the number of blogs double every six months there are now a wide range of news blogs, political commentary blogs, stock market blogs, technology blogs, industry blogs, culture and arts blogs, sex and style blogs: blogs covering every topic and issue that exists around the world today. No longer just personalized web diaries, there are thousands of blogs written by individuals with specific and extensive expertise covering a wide range of industries and topics. Experts who have valuable and insightful opinions to offer that were previously accessible only through personal or business relationships.


Focus on Canadian Blogs


Each blog, podcast and RSS feed chosen by InvesLogic has to meet quality criteria based on the review of previous blog content as well as industry and business credentials where available. Although InvesLogic aggregates blogs, podcast and RSS feeds from around the world, filtering their content into sector streams relevant to Canadian investors, it has been a priority to source as many blogs written by Canadians as possible. InvesLogic has aggregated several leading Canadian blogs that have built a following based on the quality of the opinions and commentary they offer. These include: the Alec Saunders Log, Patrick Bloomfield’s blog Belt and Braces, Jim Letourneau’s Big Picture Speculator, Bill Cara’s blog, Tyler Hamilton’s Clean Break, Larry Macdonald ‘s blog at Canadian Business, the Mark Evans blog, David Kelton’s Open North VC, Darren Fast’s Solalta Blog, Mike Wieczorek’s StockBullz blog, Rick Segal’s The Post Money Value, The Watt, VoIP Blog and Podcast, and The East-West Energy Chronicle.


About InvesLogic


InvesLogic is something new. A new form of market intelligence. A guide; a unique source of market commentary and opinion; an aggregator of the latest sources of news and thinking valuable to Small Cap investors; an interactive communications platform for Canadian Small Cap companies and investors alike. A revolution.