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Checkin' my Email

nice free trial.... the attachments you send out don't open and now it seems you don't really want to give out a free trial because one must upgrade to see your uranium letter....!!

Let me know which attachment you can't read and I will re-send it.

You can currently view our entire archives free for 30 days. We will likely be changing our website in the near future to restrict the trial period to our 2004 archives only. You can always check out our weblog at http://bigpicturespeculator.blogspot.com/ for free.

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By way of explanation we occasionally send out materials to our paying subscribers only as an inducement to get people to pay for our newsletter. The companies featured usually have interesting technical patterns and strong fundamentals. While we don't offer buy/sell advice, the shares of these companies have fared as follows:

September 19, 2004 - Triex Minerals ($0.91 to $2.04)
October 6, 2004 - Ivernia Inc. ($1.00 to $1.93)
February 7, 2005 - Western Prospector ($1.74 to $3.25)
February 8, 2005 - Laramide Resources ($1.15 to $1.77)

We don't actually write a uranium letter but we identified the sector in January 2004 and have kept a close watch on its progress (much to our delight). However at this juncture we see better opportunities in other metals. We offer one of the most generous free trials out there, we don't take credit card info and bill you after 30 days when you forget to cancel your subscription (at least that's what happens when I sign up for a free trial).

I am planning on signing up for a 4 month subscription for $99.00. After 4 months, if I decide to continue with your service, can my $99 payment be applied toward your $l99 yearly fee?

Are you currently giving a portfolio of stocks with your newsletter that show your current buy/ holds and sells?

I had a free trial about a year ago so I don't think that I am eligible for another free trial.

I have been watching uranium stocks for over six months waiting for a pullback which never really came.
Am I too late for this game?

You can't apply your 4 month subscription fee to the purchase of an annual subscription. We can offer you 2 free books instead of one should you decide to extend your subscription after 4 months.

I don't provide any specific recommendations as to buy/holds/sells or give individualized investment advice. However I do illustrate different approaches that can be used to buy or sell a stock

It's never to late to start buying as long as you have the discipline to take profits. For example, UEX is pulling back, JNR Resources hasn't broken out etc.

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Not Advice

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