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Michael Moore Likes...

Michael Moore is not seeking a Best Documentary Oscar for Fahrenheit 911 in the hopes that the movie will be shown on TV before the election. In a message from his website he concludes with:

Thanks for all of your support. And go see "Super Size Me," "Control Room," "The Corporation," "Orwell Rolls Over in His Grave," "Bush's Brain," Robert Greenwald's films and the upcoming "Yes Men." You won't be sorry!

I would add last year's Fog of War to the list.

Pete Townsend is not a raving fan of Moore's, he refused to lend "Won't Get Fooled Again" to Fahrenheit 911 (but he did let HP use Baba O'Reilly). To be fair it is Townsend's song and not public property.

Independent documentaries are often viewed as controversial because they don't take the mainstream view. If you want to be a successful stock market speculator you need to learn how to develop contrarian opinions. If you watch one of these movies, pay attention to your reactions. It is good practise for those days when the market tells things you don't want to hear.

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