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I was unable to crack the top ranks in one of the largest open pinball tournaments in the world this afternoon (INDiSC). 7 years of college wasted. I hadn't played pinball in over a year so I'm just glad I didn’t finish last. Any excuse to visit the Museum of Pinball will do.


There is an overhead camera recording each game. You play 5 games out of a bank of 14 machines. The 5 games you choose to play complete a card. You can buy as many cards as you want. The event was impressively well organized. It was fun to watching people get upset once their games ended. I became one of those people after sewering a ball after 30 seconds of play. Mostly I was bemused at my ineptitude.

Once you’re finished you have to raise your hand.  You feel shame.  Then the scorer comes over and enters your score. Once your score is entered, they call the next person in the queue. In spite of a few very low scoring games, the scorers were very friendly and professional.

I got the Iron Man and Iron Maiden machines mixed up which was a little embarrassing. In my defence, they had taped some instructions over the “iden”. 

There were 100s of pinball games on free play as well but I got too wrapped up in lining up for tournament games.