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From a Window Seat - YYC to YYZ

When I'm flying, I usually prefer a window seat.I can put my head against the cabin wall and sleep easily. Plus I don't have any stray limbs banged by food/beverage carts. On a clear day, I enjoy looking at the land forms below and if they're really interesting, I'll grab my phone and take a photo. A fun game, for me, is to then identify the feature. Sometimes this is dead easy and other times it can be frustrating*.

*One big frustration is the new iPhone High Efficiency Image File Format (.heic) which is a great format but it currently doesn't play well with others. I use Squarespace and currently like to use their IOS app as it lets me blog during free moments. However the image format issue was a speed bump. Enhancing life seems to require a series of hacks and kludges these days.