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Is Mexico City Safe?

I saw a helicopter fly directly over the Plaza Mariana with a gunman standing at the door - just like in this article. it’s pretty intimidating.

A new service called GeoSure showed up on TripAdvisor recently with the claim:

We have developed the most trusted, granular, real-time safety measurement platform ever created.

Wherever you are, opening the app will give you a GeoSafeScore™score from 1-100. The high numbers are bad.

In the Chapultepec are of Mexico City the score is 72.  

  • Johannesburg, South Africa ranges from 60-77
  • Lima, Peru is 62 (the posh Miraflores district drops down to 57)
  • In LA County, Compton is 70, Watts is 68, and Malibu is 17. 
  • Cabo San Lucas is 60
  • Dili, Timor Leste was 65.  

You get the idea. My perception of Mexico City is that it was safe. However the GeoSafeScores™ provided good reason to take precautions, use common sense and be vigilant. 

Of course personal safety is more complicated than a number but when I've been in places with ratings over 60, I've usually been extra cautious.