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Off to CDMX

This morning, Julia and I are flying to Mexico City. We are nearing our 10th wedding anniversary being married on 08/08/08, the one important date that I can easily remember.

I was up at 6:00AM and managed to catch the fire red sunrise.  


I can’t remember if I’ve been to the new International section of YYC or not but it seemed new to me.  It is fairly easy to mix up the USA security entrance with the International entrance when the lines are long. Fortunately for us there were no lines and we had some time to be in the Aspire lounge. I had the spinach egg cubes and pea meal bacon. When properly defrosted and heated up, those seemingly unappetizing green egg squares approximate the texture of Starbucks Sous Vide Egg Bites. 

I’m on a plane.  

I’m on a plane.  

The flight is 5 hours so I have downloaded some Spotify playlists and I have “The Years with Laura Diaz” by Carlos Fuentes on the Kindle. I got lost on the first page Googling famous murals. Hopefully reading without an Internet connection will boost my reading speed.