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First Day in Zurich

Julia arrived last night around 6:30PM and we opted to dine at our hotel. We were both pretty tired so we called it an early night.  I am experiencing some functional jet lag which means that today  I woke  up at 6:00AM, as many good people do. However, I'm often sleeping until 9:00AM so I'm not fooling anyone.  I see far fewer sunrises than sunsets. Breakfast opens at 6:30 AM and I was an early bird for a change. 


Julia was tired from her hiking trip in Sicily and needed some down time so we opted to take the short train ride from our hotel to old town Zurich. Since I had breakfast at 7:00AM and Julia ate at 10:00AM I was more interested in eating lunch than she was.  I went to the world's oldest vegetarian rerestaurant, Hitl, while she shopped. 


Fried tofu.  


Potatos, cheese and veggies.  


A crazy big vegetarian buffet at Hitl.