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Almost in Amsterdam

I skipped all the "free food" on the flight apart from a micro-bag of salted almonds and a couple of glasses of sparkling water.

Premium Economy seats recline further and have more legroom and the cost was less than what was posted on the KLM check-in site. There were lots of empty seats in the back but I was a little anxious about my connection to Zurich . Sometimes 95 minutes  between connections turns into a crazy sprint to the next flight. Sitting near the front gives me a head start.

My deepest sleep was between takeoff and the first drink service unfortunately. I peaked too soon. I used an eyemask, sleeping pillow, and ear plugs for most of the flight which helped drown out the cute babies in the row ahead.

By 5:00AM Amsterdam time I had given up on pretending to sleep any longer. I know it is wrong but I signed up and paid for some WiFi. Mostly out of curiosity.  I learned that the Mb numbers they were showing weren't per second but total data usage. Oops.  Luckily the cabin lights turned on shortly thereafter and breakfast is being served at 6ish.

I devoured breakfast while trying to reset my biorhythms. I'm meeting Julia in Zurich and I don't want to be sleepy.