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When Will IoT Fix All The Light Bulbs?

I'm very grateful to live in a house that has numerous kinds of light bulbs and 24/7 electricity. However, today I did agonize over using a double life halogen spotlight versus a 22-year life LED bulb. The curse of choice.

It seemed a waste to throw away a working lightbulb knowing what I know about tungsten mining (you liberals and your "blood light bulbs"... but I digress). My decision to use the old-tech halogen bulb worked out nicely. It has a yellowish hue that matches the existing bulbs in the room.

Of course, the technology to make long lasting light bulbs that can change brightness and hue via an app exists already. Should just replace every last bulb in the house? How long would it take for everyone to figure out how to dim the lights? When someone turns them off at the switchplate will it screw up the settings? Does that make it impossible to turn them back on from the app? Does anyone live in a house without light switches yet?

There's an enormous retrofit market. Who's going first? I'm a little afraid to walk down the lighting aisle at Lowe's these days. 

Internet of Things (IoT), I'm still waiting. 


Ketra - Light bulbs of the rich and famous.