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Pop a Top - Beer Can Evolutionary Endpoint in Sight

The evolution of the beer can has been ongoing since 1935. As humans evolved to be lazy and stupid,  the ring-tab design began to be phased out in 1975, after injuries were caused by people swallowing the metal tabs.

From - http://westerndigs.org/ring-tab-beer-cans-are-now-officially-historic-artifacts/

From - http://westerndigs.org/ring-tab-beer-cans-are-now-officially-historic-artifacts/

I ran across what must be close to the evolutionary endpoint of beer cans at Calgary's Royal Canadian Legion #1 recently. The entire top of the can pulls off!  An added bonus was that the beer inside was from Big Rock.

It turns out that Big Rock is using Crown Holdings' (formerly Crown Cork and Seall) new 360 End® can.  I'm sure there's a correlation between the size of the hole in the top of the can and beer consumption so why wouldn't a brewer embrace this amazing new aluminum can tech? 

The bartender pointed out that her patrons were consistently spilling the contents of these cans as the night wore on. This unintended consequence is probably doing most of their patrons a favour. I know that I usually don't derive any extra benefit from my last beer of the night. Once I'm awesome, there really isn't anywhere to go but downhill!

As awesome as the 360 End® can is, John Kaiser envisions an even better world where ironic "fancy cans" for hipsters are made from hydro-formed Al-Sc alloy cans. A little bit of scandium goes a long way.

Something to think about the next time you pop-a-top!