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Wednesday Market in Asti

We are only a 15 minute drive from Asti (but it wasn't a 15 minute drive the first time we visited). Wednesday and Saturday's are Asti Market days and we made a point of getting up "early" so we wouldn't miss the noon closing. Parking was not a given as the market is well attended but I scored a spot right beside the Campo Del Palio. The market was large and featured lots of cheese, meat and local produce. Peppers were especially abundant and could be bought by the case. The were a bit larger and less uniform than the North American ones. We scooped up as much as we could carry and took it home to make lunch and a few subsequent meals. I've been making a lazy version of ratatouille, where the vegetables are not cooked separately. I'll have to dig in and find out what kind of difference that might make at some future date. For now, the goodness of the market completely overshadows any preparation issues.