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Packing for a 3 Month Trip - Part 1

The travel clothing industry is large and growing. There are no shortage of travel vests and travel pants with numerous pockets and sub-pockets to store money, supplies and electronic devices along with  "conduit systems" for all the wires. I still can't operate all the compartments in my travel wallet. I'm dumping change on airport floors while looking for my boarding pass. It is just a matter of time before I lose my passport while paying for an ice cream.

My extensive research has led me to the the biggest breakthrough in travel clothing is... wait for it... putting the pockets on the inside (as seen on Shark Tank and Kickstarter). Instead of looking like a lost fly fisherman on the plane, now you can look like a drug smuggler with subtle rectangular outlines on your body that are barely visible to the untrained eye. Just because it looks like you are wearing body armor doesn't mean that your iPhone can stop a bullet (but it might). If your office can't afford to rent sumo suits for team building, you can get by with a couple of borrowed travel vests with the inside or outside pockets filled with bubble wrap. 

These modern miracles of textile development and design are all the rage in Silicon Valley and I think they might work well at a Las Vegas convention where you don't want to lose a briefcase or pack. You won't find a single negative blog post about them. Any blogger who was sent one of these travel garments for review thinks that they're game changers.

However, they won't store two liters of bottled water for a day hike or two pairs of shoes during an emergency airport luggage weight rebalancing so I opted for my day pack. My buddy Mike's day pack dates back to 1980 and it still looks great. Mine is a bit newer but it has been around the world.