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Trip Countdown

The countdown for a lengthy trip to Europe is on. We leave on August 9th for Edinburgh. The logistics are in place and we are filling up our time there with activities like The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Edinburgh Festival Fringe , Ben Folds in Glasgow, and probably some castles and a round of golf. I must not forget a Hop on Hop off tour. These really do give a pretty good overview of a city. 

Today I needed to send a copy of my Alberta Operator's Licence to someone and the photo I had said that it expired on June 12th, 2015. This could be an issue in renting a car in Europe. After rummaging around the condo, I determined that my wallet was either a) in my golf bag or b) in the car. I tried to not get too worked up but my mind was creating little scenarios. Will my wife be outraged or sympathetic? How fast can you get an Alberta Operator's Licence? (a real one, not the temporary one). How could this even happen? 

Fortunately, I really did update my licence when we moved and I've got until 2020 before I need to update it.