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Road Trip Monforte d'Alba

Today we put our 5-speed Fiat Panda through it's paces on the twisty roads of Piemonte. Our mission was to check out some of the scenic villages south of Alba. My wife, Julia, played the role of navigator. The smaller the village, the smaller the sign so we had a few cases of backtracking but it didn't matter because we are on holidays after all. We stumbled across a sign for a Relais and Chateaux hotel that has a restaurant with one Michelin star. We decided to check it out and we were delighted that we did. San Maurizio is located on top of a hill in what was previously a monastery. The road to the place winds between lush steeply terraced vineyards (see the Google Earth screenshot below for a look at the hill hugging road). I wasn't planning to visit a fancy place today so I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt (surprise!) but we were warmly welcomed and had a great lunch there. We have a few gaps in our lengthy itinerary but Julia made sure to fill one of them with a longer stay here. She's an amazing planner who somehow can keep a year's worth of dates straight in her head. She's not "Rain Man" about it but she's sharp. After lunch we drove to Monforte d'Alba and then found a straight road to take us home. I only turned on Google Maps once while we were trying to get out of Alba. 


The views were amazing.