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A Younger Elizabeth Taylor

Jet lag rears its head at the strangest times. Apart from the obvious symptoms of spontaneous napping, the hidden danger of being off time zone is that I become "slow", to use a politically correct term. 

While waiting at the mall, I mean Terminal 2 at Heathrow, Julia bought a couple of books. After reading the first few pages of one of them, she asked "what actor would play you in a movie?". She lifted it directly from her book which gave her an unfair advantage. I said I didn't know, her response was "Drew Carey". I get that alot. She didn't make the distinction between the "fat Drew Carey", and the "Price is Right Drew Carey" and I was too tired to ask.

Then she asked who would play her. The jet lag is in full force, I can't even run a 5 compartment travel wallet, never mind engage in this dangerous battle of wits. My mind is drawing from a very short list of female actors before I blurt out Shirley Maclaine. Julia blurts out "WHAT!". I forgot Julia Maclaine was in her 80's. I had to backtrack and clarify whether I was restricted to the present or if I could pick actors from any era but the damage had been done. The correct answer was "A younger Elizabeth Taylor".


I always like to take pictures of "airport art" and for a while I had a pretty steady stream of them between Facebook, Instagram and Foursquare. This neon orange car was one of the more delightful things I've seen at an airport. It really popped out and cut through the jet lag fog.