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The Treadmill Phase for LinkedIn

While eavesdropping at a coffee shop, it occurred to me that if everyone is trying to "dominate" their space via LinkedIn, it is going to be several orders of magnitude more difficult to do so. Unless you're a cow in the vicinity of a slaughterhouse, there are many benefits to being first in line to use a new service.

I tend to sign up for more services that I could ever possibly use. I will live forever through my inbox that will be receiving emails from these services long after I'm gone. While the noise factor is irritating, I have benefited greatly by being an early adopter on a popular services like LinkedIn. 

Fast forward to today. LinkedIn has added several Tinder style features that require a mere swipe or click to provide their user base with fast dopamine hits (someone noticed me today!, I matter!). Organizations are making concerted efforts to format their thought pieces and white papers into the most engaging formats. That means you could see a post, a video and an infographic with the same content. More noise, less signal and a tough road ahead for those trying to get noticed on LinkedIn.