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When the Media Doesn't Play Ball

I ran across two examples of the outrage that celebrities have when the media doesn't play ball. The veneer of civility cracks quickly when everything is recorded and shared.

First the Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price launched into an expletive filled tirade that basically bemoaned the fact that he couldn't control the media. Once you strip out the f-bombs he believes that he is being completely open and up front about the team with reporters so why would would they be so ungrateful as to report on things that he hadn't told them about yet.

Secondly, we have the always charming and deeply thoughtful Robert Downey Jr. walk out of what was supposed to be a promotional interview for a movie. His flashy smile quickly fades as the interviewer decides to go off topic and ask him political and personal questions. Its not the first time that Krishnan Guru-Murthy has gone rogue as seen in this Quentin Tarantino interview.

Robert Downey Jr. didn't agree to an in-depth interview. Did his people not know about the Tarantino interview? Possibly, but I suspect Guru-Murthy hasn't been blacklisted from accessing celebrities because when a celebrity walks out of an interview, it gets more page views.