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Road Trip

I’m a the stylish Palm Springs International Airport waiting for the arrival of my road trip buddy, Howard. Our mission is drive a white Lexus LC 340 (Pebble Beach Edition) from Palm Springs to Calgary before Saturday afternoon.

I just heard the announcement! He’s arrived. Our first order of business is to have lunch with my wife, Julia in downtown Palm Springs. She will be grilling him on his new girlfriend.

I’ve chosen an extremely inefficient route to get to Calgary. I want to drive the entire Pacific Coast Highway 1. Not just a few stretches. Why? Because it is there and I’m not going to hold a rope like a daycare kid walking on a downtown field trip while I wait my turn to summit Everest.  This means driving to Dana Point where our little highway intersects a more efficient Interstate.

The WIFI appears to be down at this quaint little airport. I still love it but now I’m writing a Word document instead of live blogging. Word!