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Why Don't Golf Carts Fly?

My interest in golf carts started at an early age. I still remember the photo of Bob Hope's nosed out golf cart in My Weekly Reader when I was a young laddy. Now I spend a good part of the winter months near Ground Zero for golf cart customization. It turns out that Bob Hope wasn't the only person who wanted a customized cart. The lowly generic golf cart gets the glam treatment every summer during the Palm Desert Golf Cart parade. People like pimped out golf carts

Maybe this summer there'll be a Bubba Hover in the parade. 

This video wasn't intended to sell hovercraft golf carts, it was intended to help market Bubba Watson and Oakley as hip and edgy. Turns out the concept is too good to completely dismiss.

I can attest to the desire of at least some golfers to stand out from the crowd. Everything from Loudmouth pants, lime green golfballs to plushy club head covers can be seen out on the links. 

Meanwhile the brains at Neoterich Hovercraft have been getting orders! Since the commercial, they have announced a limited edition of 100 carts.