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Periodic Table Bingo! - False Alarm?

My talk at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference was captured for posterity.  I intellectually know that I should take off my name tag when being recorded. This video drives the point home in graphic fashion. 

My main point was that most small cap investors aren't being suckered into element plays anymore. Remember uranium? Now there are a handful of solid junior that are either in production or close to it so all that hype wasn't completely wasted. It was mostly wasted. I could rant for hours about all the problems in the TSX Venture including the fact that they just LOVE adding more listings. Once an idea is ready for Dragon's Den its not much of a stretch to make the TSX Venture.

When I start sounding that jaded, it is time to get bullish. 

The second part of my talk championed the "unsung hero" role of cheap natural gas in the economic recovery and the fact that if FedEx, WestJet and CP Rail are making big moves, the economy might be on the mend.