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Thoughts on Bullshit Detection

I've just got home from the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference (#VRIC13). During my keynote speech, I discussed the importance of "crap detection" aka credibility assessment. As luck would have it, my Just for You from YouTube service has a nice piece by Penn Jillette on the matter. Here are a couple of articles that I had saved.

FIBBING The language of lying

Haku Mo‘oleloIn a technological world saturated with information, the issue is less access to information than validity.

Jillette's take is the most useful to speculators. I've been reading books on art forgery and articles on wine fraud of late to gain a better understanding of how these deceptions succeed. Who better than a magician to provide some insight on the subject? His take on religion might trigger some readers but the nugget that is important is "When you want to believe in something you should question it deeply."