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Leaving Hanoi

This morning we fly to Muscat, Oman. After 7 hours on the plane, we have a boat ride scheduled in the Gulf of Oman. I'm looking forward to it. So far I've managed to get a FourSquare check-in from every country we've visited. A digital trail of check-in crumbs has replaced a collection of trinkets. The value of both approximate zero but check-ins take up less space. We've been to some amazing places and so far, my favorite experiences have been the geological sites and the food markets.

The traffic here is amazing and I have a couple of short videos that illustrates a semblance of order arising from the chaos of a world without traffic signals. Unfortunately, they're on my iPhone, and I've packed the connection cable in my suitcase. There is no Wi-Fi on the plane *gasp* and we've had some bad luck at our hotels (situational failures as opposed to systemic ones) but I'll have more time to make the Internet better when I get home.