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Budapest - The Dark Past

While Hungary is a freely democratic state, it had the misfortune of picking the losing side in two world wars. The House of Terror documents the dark side of 20th Century Hungarian history. Housed in a building first used by the Arrow Cross Party and later the Nazis, the building served as the headquarters for spying, interrogation, intimidation, imprisonment and killings of state enemies. After WW2, the Soviets moved in and the terror continued. 

Outside the building is an iron curtain and a section of the Berlin Wall. The word terror appears in shadow on the building when the light is right. The atrium of the building features a tank sitting in a reflective pool of water.

Shoes on the Danube Promenade commemorates the jews that were shot by the Arrow Cross Party during World War 2. Before being lined up and shot along the river bank, they were forced to remove their valuables and shoes. The Danube swept their bodies away. The memorial features 60 pairs of iron shoes. Another powerful statement.