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Smoking Bay

Reykjavík, Iceland is a geologist's paradise. All the rocks are fresh. Mere babies on the geologic time scale.  The drive from Keflavík International Airport takes about half an hour. Long enough to see geothermal power plants, an aluminum smelter and some very rocky terrain. 

Our guide pointed to the left and said there is the golf course. It took a second look but there it was. Some optimistic greenish brown patches amongst the black brown lava rock. Apparently it isn't to expensive to golf here. Pretty easy to scuff a ball on that course. Just before town he said we are between life and death! The left side of the road was a cemetery and the hospital was on the right. 

Lots of earthquakes here according to our driver. I asked if people here took out earthquake insurance. Damage is rare and lets face it, Icelanders aren't known for being conservative since their big crash.

The hotel restaurant is a beehive of activity. Our guides were at a big round table planning the start of our tour. Visions of aquiculture seem to sprouting forth from a table of businesspeople.  Fish grow faster in hot water and Iceland is full of it, hot water that is.

We arrived at 6:30 AM local time in cloudy weather but things have picked up and it looks very sunny.

Hotel Borg...not Bjork

Hotel Borg...not Bjork