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TSX Venture Mostly Dead

When I see a tweet with @jimletourneau in it that says "TSX.V has a computer  suppressing the. Help blow up the algorithm!" (I'm not going to name any names here), I'm intrigued. The stock in question trades for 6.5 cents. 

I feel the urge to make the point that the shares have doubled in the last month meaning they've been as low as 3 cents. Then I get another twitter message "new shareholders everyday for TSX.V. 2013 will be fun."

Then I get an email  "We have real traction.  The 5 year chart indicates that this is the best time to invest.  No brokers or institutions following yet.  Just real people."

The real people can't afford to piss away their capital, dare I say retirement capital, because the demographics at the conferences I go to are skewed heavily towards almost/semi/completely retired white males. 

The next tweet  "being public has been a detriment. Too many bad IPOs, investors spread thin."

The TSX Venture is mostly dead. Every nano drop of mom and pop risk capital has been harvested and somewhere along the way evaporated. What is left? 

More importantly, what have we learned?


If you haven't seen Burn After Reading pick up the video at 4:44 for a brilliant movie ending.