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Don't be a Dope

Legalized marijuana has the potential to create wealth for those who can tap into the production, distribution, packaging and selling. At least that is what this November 13, MarketWatch article (How to invest in legalized marijuana) would have you believe. Unfortunately, all of the companies mentioned were OTC-traded. That's a handy shorthand  for stocks to avoid.

Do some digging and you will find share counts in the 100's of millions, no revenues, limited management expertise, unaudited finanacials and market caps that defy logic. That doesn't mean that share prices can't rocket to the moon. Medbox (MDBX) with a market cap of $666 million is a good example. Check out their press releases about the JOBS act. 

Medbox is working with their advisors on developing a public offering of discounted company‐issued shares once the JOBS ACT is enacted.
Yikes. This will be fun to watch.