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The Luxury of Getting Lost

There is no excuse for getting lost in a city anymore. With the right technology you can follow your progress on the street by watching a little blue dot on your phone. This increases the odds of you being killed in an accident significantly (do the math).  Having grown up in Western Canada, the concept of sub-parallel streets was not imprinted on my navigation system. I really enjoy wandering around a foreign city and making a making a few wrong turns. Experience has shown me that getting lost is an activity that is best done alone. Of course asking for directions is always an option but when I have the time, I'll take my chances by putting the map in my pocket for a few blocks.

When you can map out your route in advance, get an estimate of the length of the trip by typing in the start and end points of your journey (either by transit, car, or walking) the spontaneity of a journey is diminished. Today I took twice as long as the suggested map route indicated to meet my wife at a theatre in London. I stopped at a coffee shop across the street. When you have the time, getting lost doesn't have to be stressful.