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Fracking Contaminates Groundwater?

The main reason for an anti-fracking movement from my understanding is that fracking contaminates groundwater. Nevermind that there are NO documented examples in Alberta. The few examples presented in the media are most often lacking in context. People were lighting  tap water on fire before fracking started - I'll get to the CSI style isotopic proof in another post. 

Back to groundwater contamination...

Raw sewage being pumped onto reserve near Calgary
The Elbow River, a source of Calgary's drinking water, sits roughly 500 metres from the site

Sauk Village Stuck With Bottled Water Due To Contamination

Groundwater protection is important but I can't help but wonder if the anti-frack movement is being funded by investors like Al Gore's hedge fund - because if the issue is about groundwater contamination, the facts are pretty clear. Fracking isn't the problem.