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The Flaming Optimist

I'm always open to being wrong but dammit, we live in a pretty amazing world. Our lives are getting better over time in spite of our numerous fears about the future. I was just interview by Kerry Lutz of the Financial Survivor Network along with Mickey Fulp, The Mercenary Geologist. The subject was "the controversial practice"of fracking. During the interview I referred to myself as a "flaming optimist". I can't help it.

If people are worried about groundwater contamination from fracking they should also be investigating feedlots, municipal sewer systems, underground storage tanks, landfills etc. ALL of which have documented impacts on water quality.

North America now has the cheapest natural gas in the world and we didn't need to scrape off the top of a mountain or dig a giant hole in the ground to pull it off. It could be worse!

Oil could be next. We're already seeing lower prices for West Texas Intermediate vs Brent crude. This differential is infrastructure related, in North America we are bringing more oil to market from new sources. Oil sands production is increasing and now North Dakota oil production is ramping up. 

I'm putting aside self interest here (high oil prices are good for geologists and investors in oil stocks) and looking at the big picture. Not running out of hydrocarbons while we wait for a decade or two of Moore's law like acceleration in solar efficiency to take hold looks pretty good to me.