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My latest email - Facebook is Forty Bucks - What Does it Mean? was sent out yesterday. These come out irregularly to a list of ~5000 opt-in subscribers. People's inboxes are pretty full so I try to make them interesting. I know that what I find interesting isn't going to be targetting middle Canadiana but so be it.

Facebook is Forty Bucks - What Does it Mean?

Facebook is trading today under the symbol FB for around ~$40 making it worth around $100 Billion. There are lots of opinions about what the company should be worth and the future of social media. Nobody likes uncertainty but the truth is, nobody really knows where this is all headed. 

If someone tells you that they are an expert in social media, they are likely full of crap. They maybe be good at selling you but at the end of the day they are salespeople, not practitioners. Large corporations average 178 different social media accounts. It is easy to get overwhelmed. If you want to be an expert, pick one of the obscure services from the infographic below, go to their webpage and learn what it does. Voilà! Milk that specialized jargon for all its worth in every conversation.


Social Media Landscape

Most of you won't notice that Pinterest isn't on this infographic. I didn't notice either. Twylah  and Buffer are missing too, which is an outrage. For the record, Pinterest's current valuation is $1.5 Billion. Facebook can pick and choose amongst all of these services and make strategic buys to either eliminate competition or to improve Facebook's services.


What I love about social media is its ability to rapidly create a movement. One example is the Occupy Wall Street movement. Another is the outing of Vancouver rioters. My favorite is the story of Caine Monroy. If you haven't heard of Caine's Arcade, I invite you to watch the video below. 

Caine's Arcade
Caine's Arcade
A fortuitous visit by documentary filmmaker Nirvan Mullick into Smart Parts Auto in East L.A. led to that amazing that short film. Nirvan was looking for a door handle for his 1996 Corrola. He found a Caine's cardboard arcade. He arranged a flashmob so that Caine could get some foot traffic. Initially he wanted to raise $25,000 towards a scholarship for Caine. So far over $200,000 has been raised. This has led to the formation of Caines Arcade Foundation. Every time I check the site more money has been raised. Soon there'll be $500,000 and a foundation to support imaginative kids like Caine. Very powerful... and good.


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