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A New Low in Metal Thievery - Stealing Steel

In the early stages of this commodity bull market, the news of copper thefts helpt to confirm the fact that metal was indeed something of value (and worthy of stealing). Over time, news of the death and injury to copper thieves through electrocution took some of the cuteness out of the stories. Power failures are irritating and most utility workers don't have "body recovery" in their job descriptions. Here in Calgary, I see numerous concrete pedestals along the Elbow River with nothing to read on them because the metal plaques have been pried off of them. Grrrrrr.

Taunton, Massachusetts appears to be a metal theft mecca. Thieves have ripped out copper pipes from occupied homes (source). The latest example of metal thievery is extremely disconcerting. Metal criminal masterminds are now removing sections of railway track. This recently caused a CSX train derailment in Taunton (source).

Is this the beginning of the Apocalypse?