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Resverlogix is Expanding

This post is part of 15 of a 16 part series of posts taken from the transcript of an interview I (JL) conducted with Resverlogix (RVX.TO) co-founders Dr. Norman Wong (NW) and Donald McCaffrey (DM).

What follows is a lengthy and candid interview about the history of Resverlogix, recent events at the American Heart Association meetings, and future plans for the company.

I’ll be publishing two interview segments a day so not all of the links may be active if you are viewing this during March 28-April 5, 2011.

Part 15

  1. Background of Dr. Norman Wong

  2. Early History of Resverlogix

  3. HDL Biology

  4. American Heart Association Meeting - 2010

  5. CETP History

  6. Importance of HDL Type

  7. AHA ASSERT Trial Response

  8. ALTs

  9. Investor Reaction

  10. The Next 2 Years

  11. David vs. Goliath

  12. Alzheimer's Therapy Potential

  13. Upcoming Assure Trial

  14. Volatility of Resverlogix

  15. Resverlogix is Expanding

  16. More on the sell-off

Part 15

NW: Jim, we're not firing but we are hiring.

DM: Yeah, as a matter of fact, in 2008, we were one of the only Canadian biotech company
that did not let staff go. Not a single person.

NW: Not a single person.

DM: Right now, if you go to our website, we're hiring three Ph.D./M.D. level individuals. So
we are expanding right now.

NW: We're expanding.

DM: We're pretty bullish on the technologies that we have and what we can
do with them.

NW: Nobody's quit, and we're hiring.