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Upcoming Assure Trial

This post is part 13 of a 16 part series of posts taken from the transcript of an interview I (JL) conducted with Resverlogix (RVX.TO) co-founders Dr. Norman Wong (NW) and Donald McCaffrey (DM).

What follows is a lengthy and candid interview about the history of Resverlogix, recent events at the American Heart Association meetings, and future plans for the company.

I'll be publishing two interview segments a day so not all of the links may be active if you are viewing this near the end of March 28-April 5, 2011.

  1. Background of Dr. Norman Wong

  2. Early History of Resverlogix

  3. HDL Biology

  4. American Heart Association Meeting - 2010

  5. CETP History

  6. Importance of HDL Type

  7. AHA ASSERT Trial Response

  8. ALTs

  9. Investor Reaction

  10. The Next 2 Years

  11. David vs. Goliath

  12. Alzheimer's Therapy Potential

  13. Upcoming Assure Trial

  14. Volatility of Resverlogix

  15. Resverlogix is Expanding

  16. More on the sell-off

Part 13

DM: But I am really proud of that data because it surpassed every marker that we had hoped to, especially when you break it down into the ASSURE sub population. It just smashes the numbers we were trying to show. So will we see that in ASSURE? Well, almost certainly. Well, 94% chance. So I think we're doing well.

NW: We continue to focus. We continue to be excited.

DM: It's really hard to follow a biotech company.

JL: Well, it's patience. Right?

DM: Yeah.

JL: It takes a long time . . .