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I started a blog called Appsaloosa. I believe that the right app can change your life. In the future, I'll post the app-related content over there. While I spent almost all of my recent time in San Francisco at the Hard Assets Conference, I did some research on a couple of apps that I use almost every day. Through a series of fortunate accidents, I became an angel investor in them... 

Twitter is growing at around 14.4 million users a month (Jeff Bullas estimate) and they could all use a little help. If you're wondering how Twylah might change your life or why anyone would want to use Buffer for tweets or Facebook posts, I'm happy to explain. 

I had a Twitter brand page before Coca-Cola did. My brand is me (such as it is). 

This is my Twylah page http://tweets.jimletourneau.com. 

My tweets are separated into topical buckets. Some buckets are more interesting than others but they provide a viewer with a longer term average of things I tweet about. I'd hate to be defined by  someone reading one of my anti-Calgary Flames tweets. 

My Twylah page is on my domain so the traffic goes to me. Coca-Cola's Twitter brand page traffic goes to Twitter - http://twitter.com/CocaCola, a significant difference. My Twylah page has a Facebook Like and Google+ button. Twitter doesn't provide that to Coca-Cola. 

Most importantly, any brand page makes more sense to a new Twitter user than either a stagnant stream from a few friends or a raging torrent of Tweets from a large friend list. As Twylah's founder, Eric Kim, likes to say "My mom can understand my Twylah page." 

I thought Twylah was pretty cool and Eric was gracious enough to meet me for breakfast after my talk at the San Francisco Hard Asset Conference. There is more value than meets the eye in a Twylah page and I managed to understand most of what Eric had to say. The conversation turned to Buffer and Scoop.it and a few other apps that help make social media more efficient.  It turned out that Eric was investing in Buffer and he graciously offered to put me in touch with Joel Gascoigne and Leo Widrich of Buffer.

Buffer lets you schedule your tweets "automagically." According to their research, scheduled tweets outperform random tweet intervals by 200%. Many people find cool stuff to share during the evening. Unfortunately, the half life of a tweet is measured in minutes. Your brilliant 2AM tweets are washed away during the morning rush hour of the time zone to the right of you. Also, tweeting in bursts (which is the natural workflow for people who send tweets) is less effective than spacing them out every half hour or so. 

Joel and Leo are often homeless, country-less in fact. Joel works out of coffee shops. Leo out of an apartment. At least they did before they got kicked out of the US because they couldn't get visas. Hong Kong has coffee shops and apartments so they are moving there for a while. They are having successes and the happy accidents that are supposed to happen when you trust the universe.

I met Joel and Leo for coffee at one of their favorite hangouts that afternoon. We shared a fondness of Louis CK's "Everything is amazing right now and nobody is happy." Their enthusiasm is infectious. 

I invested, along with 18 other awesome investors

If you tweet, you NEED Buffer (click here)

If you want a Twylah page (click here and request an invite)