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Keystone XL Oil Pipeline - Some Perspective

Elaine, from Seinfeld, is against the Keystone XL Oil Pipeline. Julia Louis-Dreyfuss has the following take on America's attempt to use Canadian oil. 

As we speak, some very greedy guys are trying to make some very big bucks building a very, very dangerous pipeline that would carry an especially dirty form of oil called tarsands oil from Canada right through the heart of the United States all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. On the way it would put air, water, climate and millions of our fellow citizens at risk.

I'm not sure a Hollywood actress would have the moral high ground on the subject of greed. Fighting to get $600,000 per episode of Sienfeld may not have been greed related as her father is estimated to be worth over $3 billion. Nobody invests large sums of money into a TV series, movie, or pipeline without the expectation of a return. 

I'm not going to address her environmental concerns as they are non specific and unsupported. Their purpose is to invoke fear. Instead I'll show you a very scary map.


My somewhat informed opinion is that I'd much rather have an oil pipeline running through my back yard than a natural gas pipeline (oil is less likely to explode). Actually, I have to assume that there is a natural gas pipeline in my backyard, otherwise the stove, furnace, and hot water heaters wouldn't work. We need these things because it is getting COLDER.  

My advice to opponents of the Keystone Pipeline is to sleep standing up, that way you'll avoid nightmares from living in a pipeline infested country.