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Wolfram Alpha Watches the Sky

One of the great wonders of the world is the proliferation of Internet availability on US based flights. This creates a personal dilemma for me. Do I sleep, which can make a long trip seem like a peaceful dream, or do I pay the big bucks so that I can be productive and catch up on my TMZ gossip. 

Wolfram Alpha, has just added a very cool feature that allows you to determine the flight information of any plane flying over your location in the United States. 

The obvious thing for me to do on my flight from DFW to PSP is to try out this feature while in the air. Will it detect planes below us? Will it be disable for security reasons? I need to know! 

...turns out there weren't any planes above our 32,000 foot flight path over West Texas. I'll have to wait until I land to enjoy this new Wolfram Alpha feature.