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True Story - Communist Countries

My teenage children ask me lots of questions and like most fathers, I rarely can answer them with any degree of specificity. I encourage the use of dictionaries and Wikipedia for most questions and try to stick to discussing broad conceptual frameworks. Once you have that down, filling in the blanks is easier. Tonight's conversation turned to communist countries and nobody at the table had a list of them memorized. My daughter didn't know that Cuba was communist. We all knew that China was kind of communist (with reforms) and Russia? Its kind of messy. A man in the street might still know a thing or two about commies but a federal semi-presidential republic?

I opted for the high tech Google Voice option on my iPad and slowly said the words COMMUNIST COUNTRIES. How Google Voice translated that to MY PENIS COUNTRIES is beyond me but we all had a good laugh. I didn't click on any of the links but I'd imagine that most of those are run by dickheads.

...and this will probably be my last pee pee related post of 2011.